Sunday, 21 March 2010

From Bandung to Solo and MANGOSTEEEEEEEN!

Today we went round the Mayor of Solo’s house and we ate and he put on a fashion show especially for us and we did a mini tour of his palace. He looked a bit like Obama.

Yesterday in Bandung, I finally tasted my beautiful mangosteen! Although I got a bag full I accidentally left it in the fridge in the hotel so I’m back to square one. But check out the precious below.

I’m really gutted I didn’t take more pictures of Bandung, the camera on my battery ran out. It is so beautiful and one day I want to live there. It’s also a very hip town with a strong youth urban culture. My stuff would go down a treat ‘round these parts.


  1. YAAAAAY you got the mangosteen! What about the Durian?! I'm desperate for you to taste it lol, you'll know why once you do!!!

  2. Assalamu'alaikum, Sarah.

    Hi, nice to know you :) I know your blog and your trip to Indonesia from twitter.

    Waaaaw, I really excited about your trip. Wish I could meet you... I'm a big fan of your designs ;). But I'm a bit late to know about it. I live in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Did you visit Yogyakarta too? Did you get any inspirational styles from the people here in Indonesia?

    Yes, you should taste Durian too. Durian and mangosteen... my fav fruits ;)

  3. Still haven't tried Durian....haven't got the guts.
    We didn't visit Yogyakarta, and we only stayed in each place for a very short time.....:(
    Love the tradition and heritage of Batik, I have some ideas for a collection!!