Sunday, 14 March 2010

Elenany is going places. Literally.

Hello viewers and welcome to the first ever entry of my blog. I have been shortlisted for the British Council's Young Fashion Entrepreneur of the Year for Elenany which means I get to go to Indonesia. I leave tomorrow. I'm well excited!
The trip is a tour of the Indonesian fashion industry which, amongst other things, will see me schmoozing, liaising and collaborating with Indonesia's finest in fashion. I'll be reporting on a regular basis (hopefully daily) on the wonderful things I do and people I meet so hopefully you will join me on my industry exploration adventure.

Other things I am also looking forward to in Indonesia:
I'd like to state at this point that I am an extreme bird fancier and will be on the lookout for Indonesia's tropical birds.
Mangosteen. A magical fruit native to Indonesia, I will be eating several of these every day, even if it makes me sick. One time I ate 9 Alphonso mangoes in a day. And it made me sick.
I am also hoping to be inspired by Indonesian Islamic was a trip to Morocco a few years back which ignited my love for Islamic graphics -so I wonder what marvellous things Indonesia will show me...


  1. Wow, I'm so proud of you Sarah, if not a little miffed that you didn't come to Malaysia when I was there for the mangosteens yet will go to Indonesia now, just for your ka-rear! :P No, really I'm so happy for you! I didn't get what the link was though between the shortlisting and the trip - is it just like a prize for being shortlisted? Are you going alone? I will be eagerly waiting your entry every day to see what delights of the East you have to share!

    Love you! Ola xxx

  2. woohoo... cant wait to hear all about your adventures :) Masha'Allah.. u go girl! you got a decent camera?? ;)

  3. Thanks lovelies! This should answer your questions Ola
    Yes I have a camera! Good times ahead insha'Allah!