Friday, 30 December 2011


The Bird of the Year 2011 Award (posthumously) goes to Fluffy the Bird.

Fluffy was a complex bird. He was a brilliant bird. Like most geniuses, no one ever really understood him; he sometimes would not even understand himself.

Notable life achievements:
  • Heading a coup to overthrow the alpha male, which nearly worked.
  • Beating up other birds to impress and win over one Jameela the Bird, a highly desirable bird.
  • Trusting humans in front of other birds, making the other birds more trustworthy of humans.
Fluffy would always do his best to help other birds. He would not always be appreciated, but he never needed anyone’s appreciation, it just made him happy to feel like he was contributing. Maybe we could all learn something from Fluffy.

Fluffy the Bird: 2008 – August 2011.


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